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COVID-19 and Mindy’s Spiritual Life

When the pandemic started I thought it would be something that would end soon and I was feeling really calm at the beginning. But when everything started to get worse, I got scared. The news around the world was crazy, the numbers of people infected were unbelievable, and here in the Dominican Republic and around…

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COVID-19 and Ruth’s Spiritual Life

Hello! Blessings for you and your family. The girls and I have decided to write about our experiences with the pandemic. We have been through different events and we want to share it with you. Here is Ruth’s experience! Love, Jailinne It was crazy how everything started. I still remember the panic and the fear…

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Santiago Has Opened Its Doors!

Hello! My name is Jailinne Martinez. I graduated with a degree in psychology last year. Now I am working as a personal tutor, and I am also a lead discipler in Manna Santiago. It is an honor to say that I was part of the Discipling Program during my time in college. It was a…

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