COVID-19 and Graisy’s Spiritual Life

My experience during the pandemic was challenging. It taught me that God’s plans are good and that we cannot question them. In moments of total chaos that was hard to understand, but I trusted Him. The pandemic helped me start praying for others and the whole situation. My relationship with God grew. I felt closer to Him and I used myself as an instrument to motivate others. Motivating my neighbors was a wonderful thing I did during COVID. I had the chance to sit every afternoon with them and talk about God. At that moment I could see God’s plans. He wanted me to introduce and motivate others with His word, so I did.

I feel that sometimes in life we ​​need a break, a moment of reflection. The pandemic was that time I needed to learn to be more grateful, to enjoy God’s presence, and to see how wonderful He is. Being closer to him made me a new person. For me, it is incredible how God transforms lives and to see His work in my own life is more than incredible. When I look back and compare my old life with what I am now in Jesus, I have nothing more to say than “Waooooo.” COVID-19 changed who I was for good. God is my everything.

Being at home for me has been a blessing. It has been a time of personal and spiritual growth. Seeing the fruits of my sisters in Christ and how we all help each other to continue on the right path is wonderful. I can say that I have peace here.

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