Covid-19 and Lucia’s Spiritual Life

The pandemic was undoubtedly one of the craziest experiences I have ever had! I felt uncertainty of not knowing what was going to happen and what was happening. Covid-19 spread so fast and so brutally that it was terrifying.

When our government started to take drastic measures like closing the country, shutting down local businesses and sending us into quarantine I stared to freak out and panic. It was shocking! What was happening was serious and the sadness in my heart was big. I cannot put into words the raw shock of the reality we were forced to live in. The desperation, hopelessness, the lack of information about the virus and the economic downturn were big shocks for many Dominican families, mine included. And on top of all this, to add the new aspect of university classes from a screen was not exciting at all. Again, SHOCKING!

Despite all of the negatives of Covid, I learned that God works in ways that humanly cannot be explained. Through Covid many came to Christ and that was good. Those who were already in Christ strengthened their faith even more, like me! Many with broken families were able to be restored by the time the pandemic allowed us to have at home… And the list could go on.

During that time I had the opportunity to talk face to face with my friends about Jesus and disciple them. Also, I took better care of my body by exercising every day.

When I returned to Santiago I was not expecting anything, but praise God that everything is working differently at home. The other girls and I are getting along better, spending more time together, trying to show more love to each other and letting God continue to mold us for His glory. The house has been a blesing!

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