We are a nonprofit missions organization devoted to making disciples of Christ in developing countries and at home.



Our vision is to equip and empower the next generation of disciple makers in their home countries, leading others to Christ and growing His Kingdom.



Our driving force at Manna Global Missions is a desire to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission in Matthew 28 by going into the world and making disciples who, in turn, will go and make more disciples. We strive to do this by forming deep, intentional relationships with the people we are around on a daily basis. We recognize that this means that we must first be disciples before we can make disciples. Our prayer is that our lives and the way we choose to live will show others what it means to follow Christ and will draw others to Him.

Commitment to Follow Where God Leads

We are committed as an organization to following God, wherever He leads us. Throughout the years, Manna Global Missions has transformed from an organization with a strictly humanitarian focus to an organization primarily focused on discipleship. We believe we were led to this by God and continue to listen for His voice in all that we do. We are sinful, imperfect people trying to plant seeds and make a difference, and we trust that God will bring the harvest and grow His Kingdom.

Holistic Community Development

In every community where we have a presence, we strive to help community members create a better quality of life on multiple fronts. We believe that communities are thriving when there is an emphasis on developing every aspect of life. We work to help communities grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.


At Manna Global Missions, we seek to always do the right thing at all times, whether it is easy or not. We want to be open and honest, and we work hard to hold ourselves accountable. We believe in transparency and seek to operate in a clear and understandable way.