COVID-19 and Mindy’s Spiritual Life

When the pandemic started I thought it would be something that would end soon and I was feeling really calm at the beginning. But when everything started to get worse, I got scared. The news around the world was crazy, the numbers of people infected were unbelievable, and here in the Dominican Republic and around the world a high number of people were dying. For me that was shocking. I was not expecting all of the chaos.

Afterwards, I had to move to San Cristobal with my mom and sister. I was far away from my church, city, friends and my comfort zone. I had to be locked up until further notice. Everything was so uncertain. We were facing something that even doctors were unsure about. However, God manifested Himself at all times in provision. There was never shortage of food at my home even though there was economic instability in the country. God manifested himself in the care and protection of my family. I could see His love, mercy and undeserved grace towards me.

Despite the situation, everything was not as bad as I thought because thanks to the pandemic I was able to meet other young people virtually. I had the opportunity to meet a new family in Christ and my perspective changed. I no longer saw the pandemic as a barrier, but as an opportunity to meet others, to lead others to Christ, to be able to focus on other things, and to have new opportunities to spread the gospel.

When I returned to Santiago I felt super good. Being at the house gives me peace. Everything feels very harmonious and now I can go to my church, which I missed, and I went back to my routine. I feel very happy to be with the girls again – to be able to share, study the bible and to have our worship nights again.

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