Manna Dominican Republic

General Information and History

While the origins of Manna Global Ministries included many branches around the world, Manna as we know it today began in the Dominican Republic. While it has undergone some significant changes over the years, it still serves as the foundation out of which all of Manna’s other sites have been born. 

When MannaDR first began a few decades ago, it initially focused on serving the community of Bobita through work such as well drilling and house construction, a Children’s Home, and a Groups Program intended to allow those living in the States to experience short-term missions. While things have transformed and grown throughout the years, many of these pillars are still a part of the ministry in the DR today. They remind us of where we have come from and continue to push us on to greater growth for God’s Kingdom.

Manna Children’s Home

Since 1998, the Manna Children’s Home has served as a safe haven for over 50 children. Located on our main campus in Bobita, Dominican Republic, the Children’s Home typically houses around 15 children, ranging in age from infants to teenagers. Many of the children that come to us are in need of temporary care due to crises in the home or financial difficulties. The goal is always to reunite families, and the directors of the Children’s Home work closely with the child protective services of the country to do just that. However, while the children are with us, we ensure that they are loved and cared for by foster parents who love and trust Christ as their Savior. These foster parents create a warm, loving environment where the children are cared for and nurtured each and every day.

Manna Children’s Home is where our discipling efforts begin. In addition to meeting the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter, the Children’s Home also strives to enrich the lives of the children living there. Tutoring, counseling services, game nights, and devotionals are just a few of the many resources that are offered to our children. Additionally, the children are given the opportunity to form relationships and bonds with supporters in the States through our sponsorship program. 

The Manna Children’s Home is a place where sweet smiles and big hugs abound. Our children are surrounded with love, and as a result of that, they freely give love to anyone they come into contact with.

Manna Christian School

In the summer of 2010, a drastic shift was taking place with the work in the Dominican Republic. After years of humanitarian work, we were realizing that any true Kingdom work was only being done in the context of intentional relationships. With this in mind, Manna Christian School was born. While education would definitely be a part of the school, the main focus would be a discipling program. All of the students involved would be partnered with a mentor to help guide and walk with them on their spiritual journeys.

In many ways, Manna Christian School was a return to the basics - introducing people to the teachings of Jesus, allowing them to have the Spirit enter and convert their hearts to God, and growing them in their relationships with Christ. The focused, intentional time at the school has allowed us to do just that, and over the course of the last ten years, we have seen how essential these discipling relationships truly are.

Manna Christian School officially began in September of 2011. It serves high school students that are from the surrounding communities of Bobita and Río San Juan. Each year, we accept a new class of students to join our school and discipling program. While our students receive an excellent education as well as uniforms, supplies, and two meals a day, the most valuable thing they receive is the gift of a mentor and someone to walk with them on their spiritual journeys. All of this is made possible by a stateside sponsorship program that also serves as another avenue of connection and support for each of our students. 

Manna Christian School is a place where students can dive deeper into what it means to be a follower of Christ. Our students are surrounded by supportive teachers and mentors whose primary focus is growing Christ’s Kingdom. 

Manna Christian Center

The Manna Christian Center is strategically located in the heart of Río San Juan. It is designed to be a place where Dominicans of all ages can be discipled and form a relationship with Christ. It also provides an avenue for some of our more spiritually mature students to begin practicing their disciple-making skills. There are two main activities that take place at the Christian Center each week. 

Princesas y Pescadores

Princesas and Pescadores is an activity for pre-teens and teens involved with the Manna Christian Center. Students who attend this gathering participate in a devotional time together and are mentored by our missionaries who seek to prayerfully lead them to mature in an everlasting, intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. Additionally, this time is used to train up and encourage these young people as they prepare to become the leaders of the ministry. 

Club Chiquito

Club Chiquito is a Vacation Bible School style gathering of children up to 12 years old. The activity is led by some of the older students in our ministry and focuses on creating “kids of character.” Each week, close to 100 children come together to sing praises to God, hear a Bible story, play games, create a craft, and spend time with older, positive influences. 

The Manna Christian Center is a vibrant, active place. It provides a warm and loving environment in a city where Christ is so desperately needed. Check out some of the friendly faces of the Christian Center below!

Manna Campus Ministries

In 2015, we celebrated our first ever graduating class from Manna Christian School. As they prepared for life beyond high school, we realized that there was more spiritual work to be done, and we wanted to provide options for them should they choose to continue to journey with us. Whether it was on a path to university studies, a vocational path, or even a more in-depth spiritual journey, we felt called to continue to work with our students fresh out of high school as they took on the new world of adulthood. 

Santiago Campus

Started in 2016, our original Manna Campus Ministries site was planted in a city of possibilities. Santiago is the second largest city in the Dominican Republic and the home to several universities, job opportunities, and a seminary. Thanks to a generous sponsor base, our students at the Santiago Campus are able to live in community in Manna-provided housing where they also receive meals, supplies for school, and continued mentorship and spiritual growth opportunities, all while pursuing continued education or job training. Additionally, during this time in the Campus Ministry program, we push our students to take deeper steps in their personal faith. Now is the time we hope to see discipleship in action as our students reach out to the lost around them and take on the role of discipler. 

North Coast Campus

After a few years of the Santiago Campus being underway, it was apparent that all of our students were not thriving in the Santiago setting. So many changes were overwhelming and not the best fit for many of our students. Wanting to continue to walk with students who were wanting to be closer to home, the North Coast Campus was initiated. With this site, students are able to live in Bobita or Río San Juan, travel to community colleges or work each day, and plug into the existing ministries already taking place in Bobita. Just like our Santiago Campus, our North Coast Campus students are generously taken care of by sponsors in the States while they walk in Kingdom life closer to home. 

The Manna Campus Ministry is the training ground for those who are ready and passionate about sharing their faith with others. It is where the disciple becomes the discipler.