Covid-19 and Raquel’s Spiritual Life

I can say that during the pandemic God blessed me by giving me life and health. I am still here by His grace and mercy. God took care of me and my family and has supplied us with joy and love. There are not enough words to thank Him for the simple fact of knowing that my family is healthy and that I’m healthy.

Covid-19 was a disastrous moment for the entire world, especially for those families who lost relatives, wives, husbands, grandparents, uncles, projects and plans. But I also think it was a blessing for those who were away from God, and due to Covid, got closer to Him. I saw His mighty hand at work in the midst of the entire pandemic. Even through the chaos, He was in control.

I think that the pandemic was not too difficult for me because I knew God was always in control and will always be. It helped me understand that all of this is part of God’s purpose, since nothing happens in this world unless He allows it.

Being able to return to the house in Santiago was exciting. Being with the girls at the house is great.

A lesson that I have learned is that I should put my trust in God and not in men, because when difficult moments come the only one who remains with you until the end of the storm is God. When our hope is in God the world can be in complete chaos, but we will always be calm and at peace because He is with us.

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