COVID-19 and Ruth’s Spiritual Life

Hello! Blessings for you and your family. The girls and I have decided to write about our experiences with the pandemic. We have been through different events and we want to share it with you. Here is Ruth’s experience!

Love, Jailinne
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It was crazy how everything started. I still remember the panic and the fear of the uncertain. This experience has been life changing. COVID-19 turned my life completely around. The way I see life is very different, and because of that I’m trying to be more intentional and to live intensely for God and his people. It made me realize that our time in this word can end in a blink. It also helped me to remind myself of the purpose of my life – to go and make disciples and teach others about my Lord. I learned that we need God to keep fighting this battle.

For me and my family it was very difficult because when the pandemic started, my father didn’t have a job and we were worried about it. We didn’t know how we were going to eat or be prepared if one of us got sick, but my God provided. None of us got sick and we ate the whole year. What a blessing to be on God’s team! How grateful I feel for his providence! It amazed me to think that the God I serve is alive, is powerful, is faithful and is my refuge on the darkest night.

The Lord has worked with me a lot through COVID-19. He has taught me to believe that He has control of every situation and that He holds my burdens. I have also learned to appreciate more what He gives me.

Going back home with the girls in the discipleship program after the time at my parents’ house for a year makes me feel very excited and blessed. For me it is a new opportunity to serve in my community, in my church and to serve the girls. I feel very happy and grateful to be back in Manna Santiago.

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