Dominican Republic


Our legacy mission point in the Dominican Republic continues to take giant leaps forward, serving as the foundation for other mission points we seek to develop around the world. Anchored in a spirit of discipleship, each of our ministries in the DR is centered around Christ's call of making disciples who make disciples and growing Christ's Kingdom. Whether it's through the children and students in our programs, or our Dominican staff and missionaries, this place continues to teach us lessons and help us grow in love and service.

Central America


Manna continues to grow and seek out opportunities for Kingdom work in other areas of the world. The Lord has opened new paths in two different locations, Matagalpa, Nicaragua and Palmares, Costa Rica. We are working in close partnership with local leaders who already have a firm foundation of ministry but want to continue to grow and be led by the Spirit. These servant leaders are all about blessing their communities and introducing people to Jesus. Our prayer is that we can partner together to do more good for the Kingdom.

Tennessee, USA

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We are excited to be taking all of the spiritual community lessons learned from our foreign mission points and engage them in the United States. Spiritual needs abound in the US, and we want to keep in step with the Spirit as we look for ways to serve those living in our own communities. As a result, we have opened a Community Center in Cookeville, TN to help provide connection and resources for underserved populations, in particular the Hispanic community. The name of the center is El Puente.

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