We are Manna

A non-profit organization bringing hope, education and a new life to those in need in developing countries around the world in the name of Christ.

Our original Manna site has undergone some changes over the years, but it still serves as the foundation out of which all of Manna's other sites have been born. Anchored in a spirit of discipleship, MannaDR is the home to Manna Christian School, Manna Campus Ministries, the Children's Home, and the Christian Center. Click here for more details. 

Our Costa Rica site launched in 2019. The work here is largely focused on reaching the lost through house churches and community outreach by working with indigenous missionaries committed to building the Kingdom of Christ. Click here for more details. 

The work in Cookeville is centered around the Manna Training Center, a facility with the mission to equip believers to practically walk in Kingdom life and live out the mission of Christ. Additionally, the Manna Home Offices are found in Cookeville. Click here for more details. 


MannaDR Groups program is focused on making disciples that make disciples in the communities of Bobita, Río San Juan, and Santiago.


Our internship is one of the most life-changing experiences you will ever have, and we hope you will consider joining us for a summer of spiritual growth and service in the DR.

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