Trip Details

What is the cost? 

A week with Manna is $545 per person, plus airfare. Additionally, each team is required to pay a $1750 non-refundable deposit to reserve their week. There are miscellaneous costs as you develop a team (bags, passports, supplies, etc.) and so we encourage teams to plan for $1,750-$2,000 per person.

What does a week look like? 

During your time with Manna you will be hosted by a Manna Lead. Throughout your time you will get a view into various Manna ministries and their leaders. There will be different ways to use your talents as you participate and experience the Kingdom efforts of Manna on the island.

How many people need to be on a trip with Manna? 

We ask for a minimum of 15 people per team.

When can a Team visit? 

Manna traditionally hosts teams in the summer. However, we recognize it is not the best for all. We want to provide opportunities for as many people to visit as possible. Therefore, we are open to exploring other times of the year.