MannaDR Teams

Manna Teams Program has been a bedrock of the mission in the Dominican Republic for 25 years. At Manna, we are focused on being a redemptive presence for Christ and His Kingdom in this world, and we are seeking others to join us in that mission. With that in mind, we have developed a "hands-on" mission team experience designed specifically for those desiring to partner with us in that endeavor in the Dominican Republic.

A week spent with MannaDR is centered around joining our current local leaders and the ministries that they lead. Whether it's partnering with our North Coast Ministries like the Children's Home and Center in RSJ or our Santiago Ministries like our D3 Discipleship Ministry, we are prayerful that your experience will help you gain greater Kingdom perspective as you work alongside of us to empower, encourage and develop those leading and participating in these ministries.

If you have any questions, reach out to the Director of Teams

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