Manna Student Sponsorships

At Manna Global Missions, our mission is to journey with students as they discover God and the path He has prepared for them. While that takes place in a variety of ways, we recognize a large part of that is rooted in support and encouragement. All of us can point to people who played pivotal roles in our lives, and our prayer is that our sponsors will be influential supporters and prayer warriors for all of the students that come through our doors.

We want you to get involved in the lives of these young people! Any amount given towards a sponsorship is helpful and makes a difference. Join us on this journey of Kingdom work through the lives of students in the Dominican Republic!

Manna Christian School

A full student sponsorship at Manna Christian School is $200/month.

All sponsorship amounts are accepted and appreciated. 


Your sponsorship provides:

  • A Quality Education
  • Transportation to and from School
  • 2 Meals a Day
  • Uniforms and Resources
  • Discipling Supplies
  • Access to Special Events

Manna Campus Ministry

A full student sponsorship at Manna Campus Ministry is $450/month.

You may consider teaming together with your small group or another family to fully sponsor a young adult in this ministry or consider a partial sponsorship.

Your sponsorship provides:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • University Tuition
  • Transportation to and from the University
  • School and Discipling Supplies

Your Sponsorship

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As a Manna Sponsor, you will have opportunities to connect and bless your student and the ministry they are a part of.

  • Correspond with your Student.
  • Send your student a Christmas Gift during Manna's Magi season.
  • Pray for your student as they journey with Christ.
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