Santiago Arrival and Departure

The MannaDR team desires to make the following limited option available to teams that may find travel to and from Puerto Plata (POP) a significant financial difference. This option is only available on an extremely limited basis and must be approved by the MannaDR team leadership in the DR, prior to any commitment (ticket deposit or purchase) to airlines. Please note that the Santiago airport (STI) is at minimum 3 hours away from our base while traversing some very difficult terrain (mountain highways).

Please know that this option will include certain arrangements, and additional financial costs, outside of those currently in place and available to those MannaDR groups flying into Puerto Plata. These costs include transportation, lodging, meals and other logistics not within the current program and are NOT covered by the noted $1,500.00 non-refundable deposit and per person fee of $410.00. In some cases, it may also include an impact on a team week schedule due to travel through Santiago or a shortening of actual time within the program while in the DR.

The below information must be reviewed as a team considers Santiago as an option.

Factors to Consider

  1. Price: The estimated additional costs for Santiago travel could range from $1,000.00 USD to $1,500.00 USD, or higher, per group, depending upon the flight itineraries, meal stops, unforeseen flight logistics, and additional lodging. Approximate STI costs may include, but are not limited to the following items.
    • Transport To and From Santiago: $500.00 USD one way or $1,000.00 round trip including driver tip a by third party transport company, $100.00 USD for MannaDR staffing expenses for pickup and drop-off. These are current estimates only and may increase in actual fees resulting in higher costs passed along to the group.
        • NOTE: The current MannaDR transportation (Daihatsu with trailer) is not an option for Santiago. This decision has to do with safety and driving logistic matters of the country, as well as insurance coverage and allowances of the MannaDR policies.
        • Arrangements for all groups will be made by the MannaDR team for the incoming and departing team through a 3rd party transport company.
        • Your party would be received or delivered at the airport in Santiago, then would be escorted by Manna staff to and from the Bobita campus. Again, please note that the drive is over 3 hours, more than twice the distance of Puerto Plata, and over some poor roads and high DR mountains.
    • Additional Costs: $200.00 USD meal stop as may be needed with arrival and departure. (This would be considered a non-standard stop.)
    • Potential Additional Costs: (Unknown and Not Included Above)
        • Potential delayed or lost luggage retrieval fees from STI to Bobita. Incurred only if necessary.
        • Additional transportation expense(s) incurred due to canceled, missed or delayed flights and/or ground transportation.
        • Ground transportation (charter) delay, fault or other issue with 3rd party transportation.
        • Lodging costs in STI for arrival and departure itineraries or unforeseen delays, etc.
        • Other costs not defined above but outside normal transport and assistance cost.
    • A minimum of 50% of all estimated STI costs (provided when flight schedules are confirmed) must be paid up front and prior to arrival in the DR. The balance and any additional costs are to be paid to the Manna Groups Director upon arrival at the Manna campus.
  2. Release of Liability Waiver: All groups will be required to sign a waiver of release of liability while accepting the added risk in terms of transportation over the DR mountains, while using a 3rd party company for that transportation.
  3. Travel Coverage Requirement: All groups, whether traveling through STI or POP, are now required to carry travel insurance coverage for each team member or blanket coverage for the team. This coverage must include: travel and baggage, flight interruption or evacuation, medical, etc.
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