Groups Pricing

On this page you will find all of the information related to trip pricing and payment options to make your team's trip a reality. Read through the below information to get all of the details!

Manna Pricing and Fees


$1,750.00. Once dates and team weeks are confirmed, a non-refundable team deposit of $1,750.00 payable to Manna Global Missions is due no later than December 31st to finalize your week. This is a stand-alone deposit. It will NOT be applied as part of the per person fee. Deposits may be sent to:

Jill Mynatt (

Manna Global Missions

P.O. Box 1291

Cookeville, TN 38503

Manna fees based on team size.

$545.00 per person for the week. This price covers room and board on Manna property, in-country transportation on Manna vehicles, meals, work project supplies, and other weekly expenses.

  • Maximum Team Size: 24 persons or pre-approval to exceed by a MannaDR Senior Leader
  • Minimum Team Size: 15 persons
Groups must use the MannaDR installment payment plan.

This helps alleviate initial cash flow strains at the start-up of the MannaDR annual Groups program and provides for financial stewardship as a scheduled team moves toward their arrival date.

  • First half installment of each team’s summer balance is due by March 15th (January 31st for spring break teams) for the number of team members committed. Example: A team that has committed to 20 persons at a cost of $545.00 per person equals a summer team week balance of $10,900.00. At this first installment, this team would submit half of the $10,900.00 ($5,450.00) for the scheduled team week. The first installment could be higher or lower based on the number of team members committed.
  • Second half installment of each team’s remaining summer balance is due by April 30th (February 25th for spring break teams) for the number of team members committed.
The Manna administrative office.

Our administrative assistant will communicate team deposit, invoicing, and balance data with each installment noted above.

Additional Costs

Plane tickets.

Variable. Based on the time of the year and the airline and airport used, this price will vary. All flight arrangements will be made by the team's leader directly with the group's airline of choice.

Options for flights/transportation through Santiago (STI) are available. Please note that additional fees for transportation, lodging, meals and miscellaneous expenses will be incurred with the Santiago option.

Travel insurance coverage.

Required of ALL Teams!

  • Rates will vary per team or per person.
  • All groups traveling to the DR are required to carry travel/medical insurance coverage for each team member or a similar blanket coverage for the team.
  • This coverage must include travel and baggage, flight interruption or evacuation, medical, etc.
Kiosk and souvenirs.

$50 - $100. Sodas and souvenir items are sold on site from the MannaDR Kiosk. All proceeds from these sales go directly back into the ministries.

Extra experiences.

Teams wishing to enhance their experience in the DR have the option of paying additional fees to allow for those experiences. Please reach out to us at if you are interested in hearing about these options. 

Total Per Person Cost Estimates

Total Cost Estimate Per Person: $1,750 - $2,250 per person depending on airfare and in-transit lodging. Team fundraising is recommended. It will enhance team unity and communications. MannaDR recommends that you have all funds in hand no later than 3 months before your departure date.