Here's some of the most common questions people have about Manna.
If you don't find the answer that you're looking for feel free to contact us.

How long has Manna been in the DR? In Costa Rica? In Cookeville?

Manna has been in the DR for almost 20 years now. First started by Brian Wallace, with well drilling and hosting ​groups visiting from the US,​​ the program has grown to include an over-reaching Discipling program, a children's home, a high school, an engaged ministry with a Christian ​C​enter in Rio San Juan, a Discipling program in Santiago, and hosting more than 20 visiting US groups per year, among others.

What is Manna's primary focus?

Manna tries to evaluate the needs of the area, skill sets of those serving, and most importantly listen to God's calling and work in the area we are serving. For the Dominican Republic, it's an all-encompassing Discipling ministry.

How do I best connect with Manna to offer my talents or services?

We'd love to speak with you about any opportunity you feel you might have in serving with us.  We have opportunities that range from financial support, short term opportunities, field support in the US, and longer term programs and opportunities to serve as a missionary.  Please get in touch with us if we can answer any more questions about becoming more connected.

Who leads Manna?

Manna is led at two levels. There is a Board of Directors that consists of three members. This board includes Jordan Crow, Norm Curington, and Chad Mynatt. Each member serves as an officer of the 501c3 organization in the US.

Because of the size of the Dominican Republic ministry, a group of Senior Directors oversees the various programs. The Senior Directors are Norm Curington, Chad Mynatt, Jill Reese,​ and ​John (Shack) Shackelford​.

How can I get in touch with a particular Manna associate?

Contact our ​​Administrative ​D​irector and she can forward your message to any Manna associate. Generally, (​with ​a few exceptions) if you know the associate's first name, you can email them by the first name, and the "wearemanna.org" ending.  For example, jill@wearemanna.org

How can I find out more about a particular work of Manna?

If you know the particular area you wish to serve​,​ consider getting in touch directly with that ministry leader, or if you are unsure or want more general information, contact Jill Mynatt (jill@wearemanna.org) who is our Administrative Director and she can assist you further.

How are most Manna projects funded?

Most Manna projects are funded through sponsoring "partners", individuals, churches, and organizations.

Who does Manna's creative, branding and video​ team​ work​ for​?

Manna has been blessed to engage a staff of 3 gifted individuals who work full time in creative production for a large scale mega-church in south Florida.

What does Manna need most?

That answer can vary depending on what area you are asking, but generally, our greatest need is more people to come alongside​ us​ and join in the work.  We are also in need of other physical resources including financial support, specific support for special projects, etc.   ​Please consider joining us in the work of missions throughout the world!