Manna's Day of Giving

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Day of Giving Square

Will you become a monthly supporting partner?

Last year, you all came together to help us raise over $30,000 for our Manna ministries. With so many exciting changes on the horizon, your support is needed now more than ever!

Our goal this year is to have 50 supporters sign up to be recurring donors for our ministries. We've included several areas of need below. Please read through the details and reach out if you have any questions. With your help, we can get these ministries the ongoing funding that they need to thrive and grow.


D3 Discipleship Program Scholarships

The D3 Discipleship program utilizes scholarships and other tools to help disciple young adults in the way of Jesus. The ultimate goal is to release followers of Jesus that will demonstrate God’s Kingdom and invite others into it, whether they serve in professional ministry or in the marketplace. Our desire is to help young people grow where they are planted, multiplying Kingdom-centered influence with neighbors, contributing uniquely to the betterment of their respective communities in Jesus’ name.


Río San Juan, dominican republic

Río San Juan Ministry Center

The Río San Juan Ministry Center will serve as the central hub for the new era of Manna missions in the DR. Our hope is to eventually use the center for an after-school mentoring program, supplemental education and vocational training, business as mission opportunities, revival of our inner-city children’s ministry programs in Río San Juan, and a counseling center, with all of this stemming from a church plant. 

Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Young Adult Soccer Ministry

One of our newest Kingdom focuses is a Youth Soccer Ministry in Nicaragua. This ministry serves as a platform for young adults to develop not only their athletic skills but also their character, discipline, teamwork, and leadership abilities. Through regular training sessions, friendly matches, and local tournaments, we provide a safe and nurturing environment for these individuals to thrive and grow in their faith.

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Palmares, Costa Rica

Christian English as a Second Language Classes

In the beautiful city of Palmares, our Christian ESL Program combines the teaching of English with the transformative power of God's Word. Through engaging lessons, discussions, and Bible-based activities, we aim to equip individuals with the language skills they need while nurturing their faith and deepening their understanding of Scripture.

Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Home Church Plant

In the heart of Matagalpa, believers gather in homes to worship, study the Word, and build deep connections with one another. Our home church plant is a vibrant and nurturing environment where faith blossoms and lives are transformed. However, we recognize the need for additional resources and support to ensure the continued growth and impact of our community.

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