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Interning for a summer in the Dominican Republic with Manna Global Missions may be one of the most incredible experiences of your life.


Plug into our ministries, meet people from around the world, experience a new culture, and learn more about how missions work in a foreign country. Our internship is one of the most life-changing experiences you will ever have, and we hope you will consider joining us for a summer of spiritual growth and service in the DR.

"If anyone serves me, he must follow me; and where I am, there will my servant be also. If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him.” ‭‭John‬ ‭12:25-26

Summer 2019

Group Members
Almighty God


Leading and facilitating mission groups coming in from the United States to work with our organization

Working with the existing ministries of Manna Global Mission in the DR including our Children’s Home, Children’s Ministry, Christian School, and University Programs

Connecting with Dominicans and Americans in a discipling setting

Experiencing a new culture and language

Living directly on our mission campuses in Bobita or Santiago

Learning about how missions work in a foreign country


The internship runs from late May through early August of each summer. The exact dates vary from year to year.


This internship season is cancelled due to the pandemic. We hope to resume in 2022!


MannaDR Interns do personal fundraising for their intern experience. This allows them to get a feel for what fundraising for missions can be like and it encourages a strong support system stateside. Typically interns are asked to raise approximately $2,500 to cover airfare, enroute travel expenses, entry and exit visa fees, food allowances, housing, transportation, souvenirs, and an in-country travel break. This estimate is primarily dependent on airfare costs at the time of being accepted as a MannaDR Intern.


"The time I spent in the Dominican was life changing. From the day I stepped foot in the DR, the missionaries from Manna continually poured into, challenged, and walked alongside me in ways I had never experienced in my time as a Christian. This looked like personal times of scripture reading, prayer, worship, and just living in daily spiritual community with each other while getting the opportunity to dive into another culture each and every day. I wrestled with my faith and my purpose in many ways, but as I searched for answers, God laid one simple phrase on my heart - know God and make Him known - and I think there is no better organization than Manna that exemplifies that."

-Turner Isenberg, Summer 2019

"Very rarely do we receive the opportunity to entirely leave behind what is normal and dedicate ourselves fully to an incredible cause. Serving as an intern in the DR was just that; leaving the comforts of home, I learned not only about the culture of another country rich in happiness and family, but a group whose lives are wholly dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission through fundamental efforts of building relationships- something that can and will translate to the rest of my life."

-Jed Henderson, Summer 2018

“My experience as a Manna intern was wonderful. Knowing different people and having different experiences with them was something special because it showed me how God works in different ways. Personally, I feel so grateful to God and to my companions who helped me to become a better person and see the love of God through them. Quiet time each day was one of my favorite experiences because my relationship with God became deeper and that helped me to trust in myself. I could see how the Lord worked in me even in the most difficult moments of my life. He helped me understand that He has control over everything and that He never, never left me alone. Being an intern this summer was the best thing that could have happened. Something is certain and it is that God is at work and will continue to work in me.”

-Graysi Martínez, Summer 2018

“My time in the Dominican not only allowed me to grow spiritually but also as a leader and a teammate. The summer was an incredible experience, diving into a different culture and taking on the challenges of a foreign language, and now that I’m home, I’m able to look back at it as one of the greatest times of my life. I will always be grateful for my time in the Dominican, and I highly encourage anyone who's willing to dive in and make an impact.”

-Matt Ramirez, Summer 2018

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