MannaDR Groups

Manna Global Missions is pleased to offer the opportunity for your group to serve the Lord in the Dominican Republic (DR) as part of our MannaDR Groups program focused on making disciples that make disciples in the communities of Caraqueño, Bobita, Río San Juan, and Santiago.

This is a "hands-on" mission program designed specifically for sponsoring or partnering churches and universities, as well as other mature groups, to serve alongside the summer intern staff under the leadership and guidance of the MannaDR team as we seek to build relationships, serve, and be an example of Christ with the families and students in these communities.


Due to the ongoing pandemic, no Groups dates are currently scheduled. We hope to resume in 2022


The MannaDR team is looking forward to working with you. Whether it’s your first time, or your tenth, we are happy you will be joining us for a week of serving in the DR. Our program is founded on people coming to see us, allowing God to change their lives (and their perspectives) AND ours, and then getting involved in God’s plan of discipling together!


Since work is done on a volunteer basis, we ask that you please help us to serve you better by contacting us at the email address

This email is monitored daily and our Groups Coordination Team designated representative will contact you and respond within 24 hours. It is always best to send an e-mail prior to a call alerting us to your need to call. At that time we will share the best number to call. If for some reason we are unavailable, you will be alerted to this fact and we will arrange a time for the call. If your request is of an emergency nature you may contact us by phone at 703-798-8632 (John Shackelford).